Keith M. Ginder

Flemington, NJ 08822 s   s

IT Manager/Senior Software Engineer/Analyst


An accomplished Senior Technician/Leader with over 30 years in the Data Processing industry, currently specializing in .NET, SOA related development. Duties have encompassed all aspects of systems development including database design, analysis, specifications, programming, networking, performance tuning and implementation.  Possess extensive multiple project experience with various levels of management/supervisory responsibility. Solid skills in multi-threaded server/desktop applications, SQL Server administration, Desktop/Server/Network architectures.


Senior Technician/Analyst/Project Leader


.NET  s C#  s  VB.NET s  .NET Remoting  s  multi-threading  s  TCP/IP Sockets  s  TIBCO EMS  s  TIBCO AMS  s  Lightstreamer  s  ADO.NET  s  ASP.NET  s  Webservices  s  WCF  s  WPF  s SQL Server 2000~2008 s  .NET 1.0~3.5  s CEP  s TFS  s Visual Basic 6.0 s Java s JSP s ASP s Applets s Servlets s JavaScript s Java Server s Visual InterDev 6.0 s MS Visual C++ s ActiveX s COM s MTS s Active Messaging 1.1 s CDO s VBScript  s HTML  s CGI s PERL  s ORACLE s Active Reports  s TCP/IP s PowerBuilder s ADO s RDO s  ODBC Direct s Front Page 1.1~2000 s Storage Tools 1.0 s Formula One 5.0 s Windows CE s Visual CE s Windows NT s  Windows  ME s  MS-DOS s SDK s MS Access s VBA s ODBC s EXCEL / Macros/VBA s MS BASIC PDS s C s dBASE III,IV s Novell Netware

WINTEL, 80486, 80386, 80286, 8088, IBM 3090, System 34, Series I.


Financial  s  Foreign Exchange  s Pharmaceutical  s  Shipping s  Payroll/Human Resources   s  Quality Assurance s  Chemical Engineering  s   Manufacturing   s  Retail  s  Sales


Sr. Software Engineer ~ Vice President Trading Systems Development

11/2000 – Present  World’s Leading Online Foreign Exchange Company s NJ/NY/International 

·         Start-up  through IPO of 600+ million dollar international company.

·         Architect and sole proprietor of core trading systems. Responsible for all development, maintenance, and corporate systems evolution.

·         Hundreds of scalable, multi-threaded, .NET application services modeling the current SOA architectures communicate through direct sockets, .NET remoting, webservices, and most recently the TIBCO EMS message buss publish/subscribe and queuing services handle millions of trading transactions per day.

·         Market orders, bank, and all other transactions are executed with an average turn-around time of 18 milliseconds including full database persistence and logging.

·         Automated algorithmic rate streaming and trading.

·         Complex Event Processing utilizing a combination of Streambase and .NET products.

·         Complete responsibility for the hiring, duties, and advancement of 7 direct report, senior level technicians.

·         Reported directly to the CIO and CEO.   



7/98 – 11/2000 Major Pharmaceutical Company s NJ 

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         Various Intranet projects - Java, JavaScript (Rollovers, Validation, Menus, etc), ASP, VBScript, ADO, JSP, VB 6.0 hooked into JSP, Applets, Servlets, JavaBeans.

·        QA Audit Tracking/Reporting System – VB 6.0, COM, Intranet, ASP, TrueGrid Pro, HTTP, Rich Text Components, Active Reports, CDO, SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 7.3, Access 97, DAO/ADO/ODBCDirect. System was QA audited and validated. Responsible for the complete design, development, and installation Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft® Exchange via CDO, Active Reports, and Oracle/SQL Server/Access. Prototype Intranet reporting interface utilizing ASP 2.0.  Active Reports system designed to run standalone for management usage or as an ActiveX automation object controlled from the main application. Complete integration with Intranet/Exchange allows the automatic submission and retrieval of audit information and reports. The system's 500+ users worldwide retrieve the latest corporate information via a dedicated IIS web site. All Windows 95~98 and NT 4.0 desktop settings were utilized to confirm Y2K compliance. Security information maintained in encrypted structured storage data files. Designed, developed and implemented a complete ActiveX component Scheduling front-end for the tracking system. 

·         Developed Batch Emissions calculation system in VB 6.0, SQL Server, Oracle 7.3 utilizing Formula One spreadsheet for data input, display and summations. All input and calculated data is stored in a database to allow for complex batch reporting and "what if?" data retrieval. Formulas, constants and models to break down materials into molecular components and generate calculation of emissions per vessel based on Raoult's Law, Henry's Law, 7 constant Antoine's, UNIFAC/NRTL Activity coefficients based on automating Aspen Plus simulations. Enhanced functionality allows sharing of models and materials through the Intranet and Exchange via HTTP and CDO. Validated. 

·         Discharge Monitoring System – Visual Basic 6.0, Access 97, Total Access Components

·         Hazardous Waste Monitoring System – Visual Basic 6.0, Access 97, Total Access Components

11/94 - 7/98 Major Pharmaceutical Company s NJ

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         Intranet Web Server Installation/Services, Org Charts, Employee Information, Dept Status/Info Exchange - IIS 3.0, Site Manager, DNEWS, Visual InterDev, ASP 2.0, ADO, ADC, Front Page 1.1~ 98, PERL (HIP), IDC, ISAPI, OLE DB, ODBC Scripts, OLEISAPI.DLL, ActiveX Documents, RDO, ORACLE 7.3, Windows CE, Visual Basic

·         QA GLP Audit Tracking System - Powerbuilder, ORACLE 7.3, IIS 4.0, VID 6.0, ASP 2.0, SQL Server 6.5

·         QA GCP Audit Tracking System  - Powerbuilder, ORACLE 7.2, WATCOM ~SQL Anywhere, MS Access

·         Advertising Tracking System - Powerbuilder , Access ,  Oracle 7.3, PC ORACLE

·         FDA Regulatory Report Tracking System - Access ,  ORACLE


08/93 - 11/94 Major Communications Company s NJ

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         Contract/Usage Tracking/Reporting System -  Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, SQL Server ,Access, TCP/IP

·         800 Number Savedesk  System - Powerbuilder,Visual Basic, SQL Server, Access

10/91 - 08/93 Major Food Company s NJ

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         Executive Payroll/W2 preparation, Petty Cash System, I.S.I. Sharp Wizard Interface, Global Problem Management System with EIS Graph Interface, I.S.I. Customer Address Databases, INFONET message interface system, Time Recording, Time Clock to PC interfaces, Retirement Fund Estimation, Consultant Project Cost/Time Reporting, Sales Territory Matching System -  Visual Baisc, C,  C++, COBOL, Crescent QuikPack Pro DOS/WINDOWS, QuickScreen, Paradox, Alpha4

11/90 - 10/91 Major Food Company s NJ

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         AMEX Travel system, Personal Retirement system, Executive Compensation - Natural 2, ADABAS, DB2, dBASE, CLIPPER, Visual Basic, COBOL, Novell , EXCEL, Q+E, Windows 3.0, SQL Server 

05/89 - 11/90 Major Lighting Company s NJ

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         Executive Information System, Marketing Advertising Tracking Database. Sales Analysis Database, Time/Project Reporting Database, Product Specifications Form Tracking Database, Compliance to Production Schedule Database - Natural 2, ADABAS, CICS, COBOL, VSAM, Quick BASIC

06/87 - 05/89 Major Electronics Company s New York, NY

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         Corporate Consultant - Customer Order Status System, Business Planning/Budget Systems, Price Deviation System, Financial Analysis System, Physical Inventory System, Customer Direct Ordering, Component Cross-reference System, Doc/Problem Reporting System -  ASI Order Entry System, CMS, Natural 2/1.2, ADABAS, CICS, COBOL, VSAM

09/86 - 06/87 Major Insurance Company s New York, NY

As a Consultant responsible for the following:

·         DOS to MVS Conversion, OS/MVS training - CLIST, COBOL, CMS EXEC, FAVER, AMS

02/84 - 09/86 Major Shipping Company s NJ

·         Time Entry Database , ILA Payroll/Labor/Tax Systems, of Capital Appropriations System - CICS, COBOL, VSAM, Natural 1.2, ADAPREP, CLIST, QuickJob, Faver, ROSCOE

09/79 - 02/84 Major Pharmaceutical Company s NJ s New York, NY 

·         Management Information Network for Central Bid Office, Cost of Sales, Wholesaler Chargeback, Order Entry/Billing - CICS, COBOL, DL/I, CMS,VSAM, SERIES I, System 34., BAL.